For over 60 years, we’ve been specializing in the field of transportation. We have a wide range of trailers available for you to choose from, such as flatbed, drop deck, forestry, and wood residue (chips, sawdust, and bark) trailers.

We can meet your specific needs anywhere in North America. We are committed to providing you with safe, reliable transportation that meets the highest standards.

Our trucks are equipped with tracking systems that provide real-time location and movement information. Our diversified fleet can handle many different types of general merchandise shipments.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs!

Flatbed Traiter Transportation

2- to 4-axle trailers available (48 and 53 feet)

Drop-deck Trailer Transportation

2- and 3-axle trailers available (48 and 53 feet)

Forestry Transportation

3- and 4-axle trailers available (46 to 48 feet)